How to Join the Mont Ripley Ski Patrol


The MRSP welcomes all alpine skiers, telemark skiers and snowboarders to join. The MRSP is closely tied with both the National Ski Patrol (NSP) and Michigan Technological University (MTU). MRSP is one of the few ski patrols that offer our training programs for university credit.The first course that must be completed for all incoming ski patrollers is the ski and toboggan course. It is taught on a yearly basis starting in January and lasting until mid-March. Upon successful completion of this course, or with prior approval of the MRSP board of directors, the ski patrol "candidate" will then be allowed to participate in the Outdoor Emergency Care course taught every fall lasting from early September to mid-December.


Interested MTU students:

The ski and toboggan course is offered through Michigan Tech as PE2028. This is a 1 credit PE course and requires a minimum of 4 hours per week and a weekend for examination.

The Outdoor Emergency Care course is offered through Michigan Tech as EH2028. This is a 2 credit course that can satisfy kinesiolgy coursework or general electives. It requires a minimum of 6 hours per week of in-class training, 4 weekend training events and an equal amount of self-guided study time to successfully pass the course.

Interested Finlandia students and community members:

The training requirements are the same for all ski patrollers. If you are interested in this training and becoming a member of the Mont Ripley Ski Patrol, please email